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PX4 Fixed Wing

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Airframe:Applied Aeronautics Albatross
Plane A-Tail (2106)
Software Version:50ecee9d
OS Version:NuttX, v0.0.0 (RC)
Logging Start :
Logging Duration:0:44:49
Dropouts:138 (37 s)
Vehicle Life
Flight Time:
213503982 days 7 hours 38 minutes 14 seconds
Vehicle UUID:001F002A3532470336343032
Distance:28.42 km
Max Altitude Difference:139 m
Average Speed:37.9 km/h
Max Speed:79.6 km/h
Max Speed Horizontal:78.2 km/h
Max Speed Up:32.6 km/h
Max Speed Down:40.6 km/h
Max Tilt Angle:74.2 deg
Max Rotation Speed:151.1 deg/s
Average Current:10.2 A
Max Current:46.5 A

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